New Hair Removal Option Appears Successful

Applisonix LTD has recently announced that it has a new hair removal product which appears to be among the top of all products in terms of the effectiveness of hair removal. Testing of the product has shown an effectiveness rate of nearly 40% after initial treatment which is comparable to the top products available in the market today.
"These results reflect the new technology's capability of competing with expensive professional light-based systems. From studies published in this field, it seems that with most light based systems, one treatment can reduce the hair count by 10%-40%, thus the results position Applisonix' technology within the highest level of hair removal technologies."
This product is designed as a hair removal solution for all different types of people. It was tested on both men and women with varying skin tones and hair colors and was successful across the board. This could mean that it would appeal to a wide market interested in reducing body and facial hair for cosmetic purposes. Question of the Day: Will we see new hair removal options available soon as a result of this successful testing? photo link
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