New Laser Treatment Has Long Term Impact On Wrinkles

One of the first signs of aging that people start to notice in themselves is the development of wrinkles. As such, this is one of the most common reasons that people will seek out assistance from a cosmetic doctor. They want to get simple anti-aging efforts from someone who is capable of getting rid of their wrinkles. That's why Botox is so popular. A new study indicates that there may be a laser procedure for the treatment of wrinkles which is not only effective in getting rid of the wrinkles but which may also be long-lasting in its effects. The treatment is called carbon dioxide laser resurfacing.
"In carbon dioxide laser resurfacing, a laser blasts water molecules inside and outside of cells, which vaporizes the water and causes heat damage to the surrounding tissue. The skin's response mechanism to this tissue damage is to produce more of the wrinkle-filling protein called collagen." (source)
In terms of the results that you see, this treatment could appear similar to the results that you would get from using a dermal filler. However, the collagen in the skin would be that produced by the body instead of an external filler being injected. This could haev longer-lasting anti-wrinkle results. Question of the Day: Will laser services prove to be more effective than dermal fillers for the long term treatment of wrinkles? photo link
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