Skin Regeneration Device Approved in China

A highly innovative device designed for natural skin regeneration has just been approved for use in China after a long process of testing and delays in that approval. There were concerns that the new device needed to be tested carefully because of the innovation of the machinery. That testing has been completed and the new device is now available for use by cosmetic doctors in the country. The reason that this is of interest is because of the fact that the skin regeneration device has the potential to be so useful to the medical market (and the average consumer) and that it is such a truly innovative type of machinery.
"The technology utilises a patient's own skin cells thereby achieving improved matching of the skin's texture and colour in the treatment area and eliminating the likelihood of tissue rejection ... (It) has proved highly effective in the treatment of burns, small wounds, encouraging scar free healing and re-pigmentation." (source)
This device could be used for a variety of different people seeking treatment from a dermatologist or skin care cosmetic surgeon. It is particularly useful in cases where the skin has been damaged as a result of burns but may be effective for various other skin-related problems. Question of the Day: How will the release of this skin regeneration device in China impact the skin care market in the US? photo link
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