Botox vs. Wrinkle Creams

There is an article available online this week which takes a look at the pros and cons of using wrinkle creams and the pros and cons of using Botox for the purpose of getting rid of wrinkles. The report seems to favor wrinkle creams and ultimately says that Botox is riskier and more costly so people should opt for a cream-based anti-aging regimen instead. However, there remain some good reasons to choose a non-invasive cosmetic procedure such as Botox rather than using these creams. The main reason that you would choose Botox over wrinkle creams is that Botox has a higher rate of success in eliminating wrinkles. There is very little proof that wrinkle creams are actually effective. Additionally, the results of Botox treatments begin to appear immediately. And while it's argued that wrinkle creams cost less, the fact is that you have to use them every day for years on end to achieve results whereas the Botox bill only comes in intervals. It is also important to note that Botox is not the only option out there for non-invasive cosmetic surgery used to treat wrinkles. There are a variety of different dermal fillers on the market now. Those people who have concerns about the use of Botox may find that one of these other dermal fillers can reduce those concerns while offering better results than a wrinkle cream. Question of the Day: Are wrinkle creams ever better to use than anti-wrinkle dermal fillers are? photo link
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