Casting Call for Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

There is apparently some sort of new reality television show related to cosmetic surgery in the works because there is a casting call available online right now which is asking people to let the television show know what type of cosmetic procedures they would like to have done. It asks that people interested in the show be willing to do more than simply get Botox. However, this casting call doesn't specifically say that people must be interested solely in invasive surgery. There are many types of non-invasive plastic surgery that are available but which go beyond the basics of Botox to help alter and improve the appearance. Photodynamic therapy, and Threadlift are just three examples of procedures that are more intense than Botox in terms of not being used as frequently but which are still non-invasive cosmetic procedures. Question of the Day: What types of procedures would you select to get done if you were applying to participate in a casting call for a reality TV plastic surgery show? photo link
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