Celebrity Cosmetic Surgery: Lindsay Davenport

Lindsay Davenport is an Olympic athlete who is known for her appearance in four different Olympics and for her gold medal win in the sport of tennis. She is also a woman in her thirties who has used dermal fillers to look and feel her best when she's in the spotlight and she's not afraid to share that information with the world which is evidenced by the fact that she serves as a spokesperson for the Juverderm injectable gel product. Davenport says that Juvederm has helped to improve the way that her skin looks, giving it back the natural bounce that she had when she was younger and making her appear closer to the age that she feels rather than the age that she is. Her purpose in becoming a spokesperson for the product has been to share this information with others so that people who look up to her can be educated about the safe and effective use of this product. Question of the Day: What other olympic athletes are acting as spokespersons for cosmetic surgery products this year? photo link
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