CO2 Resurfacing Improved with New FDA-Approved Device

Laser resurfacing is a breakthrough treatment in skin rejuvenation which relies on the use lf lasers to improve the appearance of the skin by reducing such skin problems as wrinkles and sun spots. People who use laser resurfacing typically feel that they look younger almost immediately after the treatment is complete. There are two types of lasers that may be used for laser resurfacing. The most common type of laser used in laser resurfacing is the CO2 laser. For the most part, procedures using this laser are quick and easy. However, all technologies have room for improvement. Treatments done with the CO2 laser may now be improved as the result of FDA approval of a new laser system that compliments the use of these lasers. The new system attaches to the current systems that are in place by doctors which means that the addition of this system is affordable and easy for doctors to implement. The result is that the laser resurfacing process is made even easier and the downtime for the patients after treatment is even shorter than it is with current treatments. Question of the Day: Will doctors be interested in implementing the new device available to improve laser resurfacing with CO2 lasers? photo link
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