Male vs. Female Dermatologists

If you were going to go see a new dermatologist, would you be more interested in getting a male doctor or a female doctor? Does it make any differences to you? Whether or not you care about the gender of your dermatologist depends upon your own gender and it also depends on the procedure that you are getting done. When getting an intimate procedure done, most people prefer to have a female doctor. For example, if you were going to get laser hair removal in some of your more private areas then you would be likely to want a female cosmetic doctor to do that work regardless of whether you yourself are male or female. However, for basic cosmetic procedures, you may be likely to care about the gender of your doctor only if you are female. Male patients tend to think that both male and female dermatologists are skilled enough to do the job. Female patients may feel the same way but they have their own preferences for male or female doctors which tend to guide their choices for cosmetic surgeons. Question of the Day: Would you prefer a male or female dermatologist and why? photo link
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