Non-Invasive Fat Procedures

People who go to the cosmetic surgeon to get their fat removed usually fall into one of two categories. First there are those who are actually obese and who will need to get a weight loss surgery. And then there are those who are slightly overweight and who want to get a procedure like liposuction. But these two categories are no longer the only two categories in the world of fat-busting cosmetic procedures. There is a rapidly growing segment of the weight loss community that is seeking out non-invasive procedures for getting rid of body fat. The procedures that can be used to get rid of body fat without having to "go under the knife" include laser surgeries, ultrasound energy treatments and fat-busting injections. Which of these types of procedures will end up prevailing as the most popular way to get rid of fat thruogh non-invasive surgery will be determined as time goes on and the methods are tried and tested by various patients. Two of the most popular treatments at the current time are reportedly SmartLipo and Vaser Liposuction. SmartLipo is a laser surgery that removes fat whereas Vaser Lipo is an ultrasound energy method of fat reduction. Both are intended for healthy people who are only slightly overweight. Question of the Day: What is the best non-invasive method of removing fat from the body? photo link
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