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Reliant technologies is a company whose name you might recognize if you are at all interested in skin rejuvenation services. The company is most well-known for its Fraxel technology. This is laser technology that penetrates deep into the skin and stimulates regrowth of collagen to allow for a natural anti-aging look that people seeking skin care improvements are appreciative of. Soon you may find that you don't have to go to a doctor to get the benefit of products that are created by Reliant. That's because the business has recently signed an agreement with Phillips which will ultimately allow the two businesses to partner up to offer excellent skin care solutions for the home. This new agreement is in the early stages but the goal of the agreement is for Reliant to create fraxel-type products that are safe for use outside of a doctor's supervision. The best treatments from the company will likely still be those that are done under a doctor's care but it is exciting to know that Reliant plans to enter the home-based aesthetic products market as well. Learn more about this partnership here. Question of the Day: What types of skin rejuvenation products will Reliant create for the home-based products market? photo link
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