Botox Isn't Just For Beauty

The most common reason that you have probably heard of Botox is because you are interested in procedures that can reduce the wrinkles of aging that may have started showing up on your face. While Botox is great for that problem, it should also be noted that Botox isn't only something that can be used to enhance the beauty and reduce the appearance of a face aging. Botox is also a medical tool that is used for a wide range of different ailments. In fact, it has just recently been found that Botox is a product that can be safely used by people who are suffering from chronic migraine headaches. The details of this are still being investigated but it looks like Botox could be the first therapy designed to treat migraines in this way. Migraines are something that impact a large number of people in our society. Wrinkles affect even more of our population. Wouldn't it be great if we could get a two-for-one cure in Botox?! Question of the Day: What are the best uses for Botox? photo link
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