Estrogen Stimulates Collagen Production ... Sort Of

Researchers are regularly working on ways to improve the ability of the body to stimulate collagen production. Natural collagen stimulation allows the body to retain an un-aged appearance that comes across as really natural-looking which is what people are seeking when they come in for anti-aging treatments. One of the things that has been discovered recently is that estrogen can play a crucial role in collagen production. Utilizing the hormone properly can allow the skin to naturally regenerate. Wrinkles may disappear as collagen naturally rebuilds in the body. But don't get too excited. A study found that this is only useful on parts of the body that are not regularly exposed to sunlight. Exposure to the sun reduced the benefits of the estrogen and made the results unnoticeable. This means that the areas that you're most likely to want to reduce aging in (like your face) are the areas that are least likely to benefit from the use of estrogen to stimulate collagen production. Question of the Day: Is there a way to use estrogen to improve collaegn production on areas of the skin that are exposed to the sun regularly? photo link
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