Improvements in Treating Hair Loss

When we think about lasers and hair, we are almost always thinking about laser hair removal. However, lasers are actually being used to do just the opposite type of procedure - they are being used to restore hair when it is being lost to age. Both men and women may experience thinning of the hair but of course it is mean that really feel the self-consciousness as balding begins to set in. This can greatly increase the appearance of aging and is something that hasn't been easy to treat so far. Improvements are now being made in the area of using lasers to restore hair growth so that these types of patients no longer have to suffer with loss of hair and the feelings of depleted self-esteem that may go along with that hair loss. Clinical trials are taking place for the X5 laser which these types of patients may find to be useful in providing hair regrowth results. "Featuring 15 individual lasers that interact directly with the scalp, the X5 is the most powerful Laser Therapy device on the market. It is also the first device to enter clinical trials utilizing individual lasers to ensure maximum user benefits." (source) This is a good sign that there may be some relief for those people experiencing early hair loss in the near future. Question of the Day: Are you more interested in the use of lasers for hair removal or hair regrowth? photo link
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