Injectable Silicon Not Recommended for Cosmetic Purposes

It is possible for a doctor to purchase liquid silicon for the purpose of medical procedures such as retinal detachment. Some doctors purchase it under the guise of using it for these medical procedures and then actually use it as a cosmetic product designed to correct facial deformities, remove wrinkles and reduce acne scarring. It should be noted by patients that the FDA has not approved injectable silicon for these purposes and therefore that this is not a recommended procedure. The FDA is still reviewing the use of liquid injectable silicon for the purpose of cosmetic enhancement. Until the time when the FDA explicitly approves the product for this type of use, patients should make sure to use alternative products for the purposes intended by this product. Dermal fillers are a strong example of what can be done to serve the same purpose as injecting liquid silicon would serve. Learn more about this topic from the original article here. Question of the Day: At what point is it safe to use liquid silicon for cosmetic procedures? photo link
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