One in Four College Students Has Tanning Addiction

Almost everyone who wants to improve their appearance is interested on some level in getting a tan. That's because the tan is considered to be a sign of healthfulness and beauty. Unfortunately, when tanning isn't done properly it can lead to negative skin conditions that reduce the beauty of the appearance and increase the signs of aging. A new report has found that more than one in four college students actually has an addiction to tanning. These students are physically or emotionally addicted to tanning and don't feel good about themselves if they are not tan. An additional thirteen percent were regular tanning booth users. The concern here is that college students may not be aware of how to use proper tanning techniques to prevent the signs of aging that come with too much exposure to the sun. Learning about proper sunless tanning techniques and making sure to keep the skin moisturized can greatly help this population in getting the look that is desired without harming the skin. Question of the Day: Is it surprising that one in four college students has a tanning addiction? photo link
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