San Diego Skin Care Follows Economic Trends

There is a trend in cosmetic procedures right now among many parts of the nation. This trend is towards a decreased interest in invasive plastic surgery procedures and an increased interest in non-invasive procedures that can provide some of the same results at a much lower cost. This trend is being driven by the changes that are taking place in the economy and is impacting different regions throughout the U.S. A new report indicates that San Diego is a city that is following this trend. There has been an economic downturn in this area that has impacted the interest in cosmetic surgery options available in Southern California. There has been a corresponding boom in non-invasive procedures such as chemical peels and dermal fillers. The goal for patients has remained the same despite the economic changes in this country. Patients want to look younger and improve specific areas of their appearance. They're simply using different, more affordable, methods of making that happen through the help of professionals in the skin care business. Question of the Day: Is the trend in San Diego non-invasive surgery representative of nationwide trends in cosmetic surgery? photo link
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