SmoothShapes System Launching in Paris

There are many people out there who are interested in weight loss and toning surgeries that don't require an extensively involved procedure. These people are typically interested in laser-based and injection-based fat reduction procedures such as LipoDissolve. A new type of this procedure called SmoothShapes is being launched in Paris at this time. SmoothShapes is an interesting procedure that combines multiple methods of fat reduction to help tone the body without extensive surgery. The procedure combines both laser and light methods of combatting cellulite with mechanical massage and vacuum techniques that further reduce the fat and tone the body. People are interested in procedures like this because they result in a small bit of weight loss combined with the toned look that people are seeking to have today. This is designed for people who are seeking small but definite changes to the appearance rather than for people who are serious about major weight loss surgery. Question of the Day: Are you interested in a new fat-reduction procedure like SmoothShapes? photo link
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