Some Men Are Opening Up About Botox

Cosmetic procedures including non-invasive cosmetic procedures like Botox injections for anti-aging are not just the sole domain of women anymore. Many men from all different walks of life are getting procedures like this done. However, it's still not something that most men are willing to talk about openly with their friends and family because they fear that there is still some stigma attached to it. Not so for others who are trying to open up about their use of Botox and other similar cosmetic procedures. Men get procedures like this for some of the same reasons as women do. Men who have been divorced and are starting to date again in their older years and likely to be interested in getting procedures like this to boost their confidence and improve their chances in the dating scene. Men may also get procedures like this done because of a desire to move up professionally in a field dominated by younger guys. Question of the Day: Should men be open about their use of procedures like Botox? photo link
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