Success of Botox Spurs Innovation

There aren't exactly any products on the market today that are the same as Botox. There's no such as "generic Botox". But there are a lot of injectable dermal fillers that aim to achieve the same effects as Botox. It is believed that these other innovative products were brought into existence precisely because of the success that Botox has seen on the market. Although nobody has been able to replicate the Botox formula, many other great products have been developed in an attempt to take over some of the market that Botox is cornering. Botox is a great brand product that people recognize and one of the most popular anti-aging medicines on the market today. However, that doesn't mean that there's not the potential that another better product could take over one day. Learn about some Botox stats and how they influence the competition here. Question of the Day: Without Botox, would so many dermal fillers have been created? photo link
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