Botox®'s First Competitor

In the next couple of months it is rumoured that the FDA may be approving the first competitor to Botox®. The new kid on the block is called Reloxin, however it's not so new in other parts of the world. For years now Reloxin has been used in Europe and South America. According to MSNBC News which recently reported about the new anti-aging drug, "Clinical trials say it lasts longer, about five months. But those clinical trials are paid for by drug companies, so it will be up to the FDA to decide what claims Reloxin can make over its competitor, Botox®. Doctors say they expect it to be a bit cheaper than Botox®." As we fall deeper and deeper into financial ruts, cheaper beautifying tips and procedures may soon become the norm. Who knows, maybe even more popular than traditional pricier treatments?
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