Joan Rivers and Botox

Joan Rivers has written a book about her years of plastic surgery and cosmetic dermatology endeavors. From Botox and facial fillers to breast augmentation, Rivers has long been open and humorous about her cosmetic enhancements. The book titled "Men are Stupid...and like Big Boobs" is a detailed guide with a witty comedic twist to plastic surgery and dermatology. Released on New Years Eve, Rivers gives a number of personal anecdotes and stories from her own procedures. In an entry from the book Rivers comically says,
"Why do you need to have enormous trust and faith in your doctor or dermatologist (or, as I like to call him, your beauty facilitator)? Easy. If you buy a dress and then decide it's hideous, you can return it. But if you get bum Botox Cosmetic injections, you're stuck with the Kabuki mask-like face for months. A bad hair cut is temporary; a nose job could be forever. Your choice in doctor or dermatologist is perhaps the only time in your life when you must get it right the first time."
Jump into the new year with Rivers' book and some tips for beautifying and getting rid of those wrinkles.
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