Skin Cancer Awareness

Skin_Cancer_DermaNetwork_Blog_Jan09.jpg In recent months I have noticed the constant circulation and awareness about skin cancer all over Australia - a country which has a virtually non-existent o-zone layer. Aussies, like most dermatologists of the world are constantly aware of the dangers of their sun. A culture based on sport, sun and beaches it is bound to be difficult to lather on that SPF 30 every few hours, but if they can do it so can we. From TV commercials and campaign ads that highlight the dangers of tanning and getting burned, Australia is filled with people who are completely aware and actively take care of their skin health. Granted it may be urgent and vital to do so here, it still speaks highly of the Australian government who spends millions yearly trying to raise awareness about the dangers of the sun. Schools even enforce the rule that all children must wear hats or they cannot play on the playgrounds, likewise sportsman douse themselves (visibly) with layers and layers of strong zinc sunblock. So America, maybe we should take a tip from our Southern Hemisphere mates and start raising awareness about skin cancer in the US.
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