And the Oscar Goes to...

rejuvenation_treatments_derma_blog_Feb09.jpg As the Academy Awards creep up on us in a few weeks, so too do our wrinkles. In times of beauty, movies and Hollywood stardom cosmetic dermatologist's see an influx of patients hungry for Botox injections, facial fillers and rejuvenation treatments. From celebrities to housewives (I'm not talking about the infamous desperate ones), people are looking to feel and look younger. The Academy Awards breeds the superficialness in us, from primping, pampering and glamour we all want in and we all want to be A-list even if it is just for a night. Clearly our star-studded celebs head to the doctor for a prick or two, but non-celebrities seek out anti-wrinkle treatments because the Oscars also mean parties. "Every year I see an increase in celebrities and industry people wanting Botox and fillers in anticipation of the awards season," said Santa Monica plastic surgeon Michael McGuire, MD, ASPS president-elect who reports business is up 20 percent in his practice due to pre-Oscar procedures. "The numbers may be down slightly from previous years and some non-A-listers may be cutting corners as it relates to beauty, but this is still Hollywood, where beauty reigns supreme." Even the economic downturn can't stray celebrities and fans from steering clear of beauty. So this year the Oscar goes to...Botox.
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