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botox_coupon_derma_blog_Feb09.jpg Allergen has seen profits trickle and prices seriously drop for Botox injections. The Irvine, California based pharmaceutical company is hoping to spark business and prices. Dermatologists had been putting pressure on the company to lower their prices, since physicians had been unable to sell any injections for previously high prices. Now, Allergen is offering specials and coupons for physicians and consumers for Botox. The Orange County Business Journal reported on this attempted Botox boom, "On Allergan's fourth-quarter conference call earlier this month, Pyott told analysts and investors that Allergan is offering a $50 off coupon for wrinkle remover Botox Cosmetic. The company also is offering a $100 rebate on two syringes of Juvï¾derm, Allergan's filler for lower face wrinkles. In doing so, Pyott said he's using a time-tested technique to drum up business as some people have pulled back from Botox and other cosmetic treatments they have to pay for themselves." The company is said to get at least 35% of its $4 billion in revenue from the facial filler sales. So the slump is adversely affecting the company's profits. Till now, Botox has not only carried the company, but has also been the industries only viable and credible procedure, though now new products are flooding the market.
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