Valentine's Botox

couples_get_botox_derma_blog_Feb2009.jpg This Valentine's Day it seems like the hippest trend is to get couples Botox at the local dermatologist. For those silly lovebirds aching to get an injection, it seems like anti-aging with your partner is the way to go. Dermatologists say they see a significant boom pre, during, and post Valentine's Day weekend. Like many other commercial holiday's, Valentine's Day sees cosmetic junkies buy up a storm of gift certificates or take their loved ones for a prick, lift, or tuck. In a slumping economy, I'm sure that struggling cosmetic dermatology clinics are keen to work on the weekend to make some extra cash. Valentine's Day Botox is like free advertisement for clinics. Or will the recent financial crisis put a damper on V-day this year? We'll see on Monday what the numbers and figures from dermatology clinics nationwide show.
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