Wrinkles and Recession

Are wrinkles the new sign for recession on Wall Street? I am sad to say that beauty enhancing products and procedures are even too expensive for the devout fans in Manhattan, Los Angeles and Orange County. When walking around Fifth Avenue, not only are stores closing down, but wrinkles have increased. As the recession deepens and America falls into a gloomy depression, wrinkles are beginning to increase. Yesterday we talked about how Allergen has seen a serious dip in Botox profits from this last quarter, and today it seems as if these recession blues are not only causing wrinkles, but also not allowing us to get rid of our wrinkles. Many cosmetic dermatologists have lowered prices on Botox injections, but people are flocking to get pricks of wrinkle-ridding as they did months before. However, the Botox industry is still booming as opposed to their beauty counterparts in plastic surgery. Invasive procedures are taking a serious hit.

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