Allergen and Glaxo may be Mating

Allergen_Glaxo_derma_blog_Mar09.jpg As the pharmaceutical industry begins to become more incestual with mergers and integrations, Allergen the golden child of cosmetic dermatology with their mega-hit Botox may be merging with British based Glaxo SmithKline. Neither company has openly confirmed the speculations, but industry observers in Forbes say the new suitor may be the winner. According to Forbes, "When the economic downturn first began, Botox was the option of choice for many consumers because it's cheaper than plastic surgery. Yet it may have a strong competitor: Ipsen's Reloxin is currently being reviewed by the US Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of wrinkles and could hit the market sometime this year." Botox has maintained a stronghold on the facial filler and anti-aging industry, however an industry newcomer Reloxin may give Botox and Allergen a run for their money. With these new accusations and merges bound to increase over the next few months, it may bring an added boost to ailing cosmetic industries.
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