Are you Vitamin D Deprived?

Vitamin_D_derma_blog_Mar09.jpg Recent studies show that most Americans are Vitamin D deficient, but why? For many it's because they are protecting their skin and themselves from skin cancer. But too much protection may be come with some repercussions. A study shown in the US News and World Report said that over the past decade our Vitamin D levels have dramatically dropped. More of us are staying indoors and opting against lazy days on the beach in the sun with hopes of protecting our skin from melanoma and other sun induced skin ailments and damage. Wearing too much sunscreen and not being active in the sun has caused much of our deprivation to the fruitful Vitamin D. The study done at the University of Colorado Denver school of Medicine was discussed in the US News article, "Ten minutes of sunlight on exposed arms and legs two to three times per week would significantly improve vitamin D production, but must be weighed against the risk for skin cancer, Ginde noted. Low levels of vitamin D have been associated with rickets in children and lower bone mineral density in adults. Recent research has also linked insufficient vitamin D to cancer, heart disease, infection and poorer health overall." Clearly we want to be cautious about all aspects of our health, so completely avoiding the sun and outdoor activities can also play a detriment to our health. Finding a healthy balance is key to success.
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