Dermatology and Sweating

sweating_treatment_derma_blog_Mar09.jpg Rumors have circulated amongst the dermatology industry about Botox limiting sweating. However the rumors are now true, cosmetic dermatology treatments will be used as a tools for decreasing sweating under the arms. The ailment is called Axillary Hyperhidrosis and it affects millions of people worldwide. Everyone clearly sweats a lot, however those people will excessive amounts of isolated sweat can now be relieved and dried with this new laser treatment. The UK Telegraph reported on his new breakthrough, "His latest procedure involves a local anaesthetic under the arms, followed by a laser which permanently destroys the sweat glands before the treated tissue is removed using a suction method. He said that with a time of about one hour under local anaesthetic, the new anti-sweating laser treatment could transform some people's lives, enabling them to stop sweating from their armpits with immediate effect." The procedure is said to be cost-efficient, timely and readily accessible fairly shortly. No longer will people have to embarrassed by sweating under their arms and visible traces of it may even disappear.
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