Happy Birthday Botox

happy_birthday_derma_blog_Mar09.jpg Botox turns 20 next week. Celebrating its 20th birthday, Botox injections still seem to be considerably more recession-proof and immune as opposed to cosmetic counterparts like tummy tucks, liposuction and other forms of facial fillers. Since its birth in 1989 Botox has primarily been used as a wrinkle-ridding tool, however in its last few years of teenage-dom, Botox has been utilized for a sundry of different treatments like migraine soothing, post-stroke help, and even sweating. The UK Sun said, "Since it was approved for human use in 1989, millions of people have received the wrinkle-busting injections. By partially freezing muscles, the substance, officially known as Botulinum toxin, smooths out facial lines." From A-listers to average-Joe's Botox reaches all demographics and walks of life and careers. The anti-aging gem has millions of devout injectees, who through tough financial times still seek out treatment.
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