Tough Times: Botox Bandit Strikes Again

botox_bandit_derma_blog_Mar09.jpg You know we are in a rough financial patch when a Newport Beach woman is targeting cosmetic dermatology clinics and skipping out paying her bills after racking up thousands of dollars in treatments. Newport Beach is home to many clinics and many wealthy patients seeking out anti-aging treatments, but this is a first according to local dermatologists. The Orange County Register reported on the scandal, "The woman, who gave a false name and contact information when she arrived as a walk-in patient at Nu Looks on Feb. 23, received $1,000 worth of Botox injections in her forehead and around her eyes, as well as Restylane filler to plump up the wrinkles around her mouth. She also asked to buy $500 worth of beauty products before she said she had to step outside to take an important call on her cell phone. She never came back, said Ashlee Savells, who works at Nu Looks." According to Newport Beach police this is not the first time the city has been hit by the Botox Bandit. This is apparently the same woman who pulled the same stunt in Newport Coast just a month earlier, getting thousands of dollars of Juvederm and Botox before slyly slipping out of the building.
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