Young Males and Botox

As the recession looms over our heads and more young professionals begin to be made redundant, many are looking to make their way back into a very competitive workforce. In an economic climate as unstable as ours it is no wonder that young men are looking to become better candidates for positions with Botox injections. Dermatologists in the UK have reported a rise in young males getting Botox injections. The Harvey Medical Group released reports about these statistics, "The private cosmetic surgery group operates 26 clinics and has revealed that one fifth of its Botox patients are now men, many of whom are aged between 25 and 30 years. Dubbed 'Boytox', the non surgical cosmetic treatment is being selected by men who want to ensure they stay looking young, even though their busy lifestyles may be putting their skin at risk." Some men are opting for these anti-aging treatments not for better positions in firms, but instead as a means to maintain a younger look - purely aesthetics. Many people like to use Botox at an early age to make sure the young, clean skin tone stays with them throughout their later years.

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