From Manicures to Makeovers

hand_aging_derma_blog_April09.jpg If you thought that primping and pampering your face was the key to looking and feeling younger, please raise your hands. In fact, new ideas have spurred not in facial rejuvenation but hand rejuvenation. Many men and women say you can tell a person's age from their hands. With the demand for anti-aging procedures, dermatologists are coming up with ways to make people's hands look younger. The News Star reported, "The appearance of a woman's hands is a "big deal" because "they're always out, and they're always exposed - and it's a giveaway for aging," says Dr. Thomas Haas, a plastic surgeon at Imaage Plastic Surgery Center and Medi-Spa in Louisville, Ky. "As we age, we lose fat in our hands, so there's less plump tissue between the veins in the skin and the structures below," Palazzo said. As a result, the hands take on a bony appearance, with tendons and veins becoming "more obvious," she said." Generally, it was said to use sunscreen, moisturizer and avoid too much sun damage. But with ropy, gnarled and discolored hands visible to all, new practices have emerged. Dermatologists are injecting fillers, performing microdermabrasian and even chemical peels to reduce aging and wrinkling.
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