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botox_uses_derma_blog_Apr09.jpg Botox has become a jack of all trades, it may be infamous for smoothing out wrinkles, but Allergen is keen on expanding the uses of Botox. In fact, many non-cosmetic Botox uses have already been researched and administered. Allergen says this may make Botox the hottest commodity on the market: from wrinkles, speech impediments and migraines Botox injections are being widely used and regarded. Fox Business said, "She said this stock is a three- to five-year investment, but predicted the stock will make an upward movement within the year. Her price target for 2009 is $55. As for competition, Caughey said she is not worried. "Pyott has done a great job of branding the drug. Botox has become a verb, like Kleenex? and that's what consumers and doctors are comfortable using." This positive publicity may be beneficial to Allergen and Botox because within weeks the soon-to-be cosmetic rival Reloxin will be making its way onto the market.
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