Let the Battle Begin

Botox_Treatment_Battle_Apr09.jpg For decades now Allergen and Botox have had a stronghold on the anti-aging cosmetic dermatology industry. But with a possible new heavyweight ? Reloxin ? coming on board, the battle of the best wrinkle-ridder has begun. The New York Times has been writing about the possible blood bath between the two competitors. If Reloxin stays on track and gains the FDA's nod of approval, Botox and Allergen will have their plates full with marketing Botox. The New York Times said, "The buzz among doctors that has been spreading in the news media and on beauty-oriented Web sites like realself.com that Reloxin works more quickly and lasts longer than the roughly four months Botox does. Dr. Leslie Baumann, a University of Miami dermatologist who did some of the clinical trials for Botox and Reloxin, recently said on NBC's "Today" show, "It's time that we have something that lasts a little bit longer" than Botox." The battle that may be tough for Reloxin to win is that Botox has die-hard users, who rarely stray from their go-to injection. If Reloxin can get FDA approval and consumer approval Botox may have their hands full. So let's get ready to rumble....
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