Skin Cancer Month

Skin_Cancer_Month_Derma_Blog_April09.jpg Not only does May bring flowers, but the sunny spring month is also national skin cancer awareness month. In light of raising awareness about the dangers of skin cancer, and Ithaca based dermatology clinic is offering free check-ups and scans for patients. The clinic is hoping to teach the public about the dangers of skin cancer and educate members of the community about various preventative forms of scans and check-ups. WVBR News said, "Dermatologist Dr. Kimberly Silvers of Ithaca Dermatology says that one of the keys to skin cancer prevention is early detection. She added that: "Your skin will give you signs that a potentially cancerous problem may be developing, such as a red, crusty scab that doesn't heal, or a mole that changes color or shape. It may be a benign situation such as a rash or infection, but the best thing to do is to have it checked by a dermatologist to find out for sure if there's a problem, and of course, always use sunscreens when you're outside." The clinic will be offering a mobile screening center, starting on May 2nd going around Malls and households around the area. So in lieu of skin cancer awareness month, take a bit of time and actively pursue taking better care of your skin health.
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