Texas Tightening Tanning Laws

minor_tanning_regulations_Apr09.jpg Following the footsteps of international counterparts in Australia, the US is making strides to stiffen tanning laws. Texas is hoping to pass a bill that would restrict teenagers under 18 from going to tanning salons without permission from a physician. ABC news affiliate in Texas reported, "State law-makers are considering the change because tanning can be a health hazard and even lead to skin cancer. The American Cancer Society says the risk for skin cancer is also greater for teens, leading the organization to fully back this proposed bill. Proposed House Bill 1310 forces those under 18 to have a doctor's permission to tan. The American Cancer Society says indoor tanning is more harmful than many think." Physicians and lawmakers are hoping to limit the sun exposure of youth because they are worried that adverse affects of the sun happen most often at a young age. Many of the affects from childhood are not visible until adulthood, so preventing skin cancer at a young age is vital to your skin health later in life.
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