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Botox_Injections_Derma_Blog_May09.jpg The Botox craze has been around for years, from baby boomers to desperate housewives, the wrinkle-remover is a hit amongst most older demographics. But in recent months the facial-filler has attracted a more youthful age group - the twentysomethings. Many women in their twenties are getting Botox injections as forms of prevention for wrinkles, but it leaves many wondering is Botox really a viable option for preventing wrinkles? Oklahoma news, NewsOk said, "Mention Botox and images of aging celebrities may come to mind. Increasingly, people in their 20s are becoming concerned about aging and wrinkles. Edmond dermatologist Michael John says he has seen an increase in younger patients. "They are becoming worried earlier because it's in the news," John says. "They talk about different products for wrinkles, and that makes people interested." The youth demographic is still not the most lucrative for demartologists, baby-boomers with more disposable incomes and necessity to remove wirnkles are considerably more lucrative. Especially considering they have been loyal to Botox for years on end.
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