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skin_cancer_derma_blog_May09.jpg Over the course of the past year it has been made evident to me that the US should do more to promote awareness for skin cancer. During the Spring and Summer seasons, Australia and UK are two countries that openly discuss and show the dangers of skin cancer and the sun. Wildly obscene footage is shown of cancer's eating away at people's skin, and how much of it stemmed from hours on end beaching and sunbaking during the hot summer months. So why don't we have such sobering commercials on our television? Are we fearful of the truth? Personally, I feel that such vivid and frightening footage can not only aid in awareness among older demographics but young adults may be swayed to wear sunscreen or take more caution when in the sun for extended periods of time. Both countries also have commercials for lung cancer and binge drinking funded by the government.
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