Cricketers and Skin Cancer

skin_cancer_tests_derma_blog_may09.jpg All first class cricketers in the UK will now have mandatory skin cancer checks and tests. The new initiative is hoping to prevent skin cancer and bring about awareness amongst athletes worldwide. Skin cancer rates have been increasing over the years with cricketers who are constantly playing in the bright sun in the summer months. Sky News reported, "Around 400 county players will undergo tests for the disease, which is now the most common form of cancer in the UK. The PCA organised the programme after check-ups on one in seven county cricketers' revealed potential melanomas. The PCA's assistant chief executive, Jason Ratcliffe, said: "Every first class player will get a 20-minute check from a visiting nurse." Hopefully this will begin to raise awareness among other sportsman as well, in the US, Australia and globally in fact. Athletes are great candidates and people to boost testing and education awareness.
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