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email_cosmetic_diagnosis_derma_Blog_May09.jpg The European dermatology industry may be in for a facelift with the advent of email referrals. Cutting costs is touted as the biggest trend in most businesses at the moment, and cosmetic dermatology is not immune to balancing budgets. The medical industry may be in for a new innovation to limit costs while also reducing costs for patients. Some General Practitioners are emailing skin ailment photos to dermatologists as a means of getting quick feedback for treatment. US News and World Report said, "Using Web-based technologies could be one way of keeping a lid on medical costs, which have been raising as the population in Western countries ages and the demand for referrals to costly specialists increases."Teledermatologic consultation successfully enables general practitioners to treat patients they would otherwise refer to a dermatologist," the authors conclude." Innovation during economic hardship is the key to overcoming the recession. Not only does this permit patients to save some money, but it allows doctors to jump straight into treatment as opposed to wasted time and money on face-to-face diagnosis.
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