How young is too young?

young_botox_injections_derma_blog_May09.jpg We live in an era where Botox injections are common enough that mothers and daughters talk about it freely and openly. But at what point in time did a mother think it was appropriate to allow, nay encourage and fund, her daughters anti-wrinkle injections? If the purpose of Botox pricks is to achieve youthful looking skin, why is an already youthful teen getting such injections? Dermatologists, reporters and other mothers alike are staunchly scrutinizing this mother's decision to give her daughter Botox. reported, "For her 18th birthday, (Margaret King) bought her (daughter, Jodie) Botox injections to get rid of the 'wrinkles' on the teenager's forehead. 'Jodie's forehead is like mine - she gets pronounced lines when she makes a facial expression. I knew Botox would solve the problem.' This was, in fact, a couple of years ago, and Jodie is now hooked on Botox and planning her first nose-job." Personally I have nothing against Botox; in fact I promote the use of cosmetic facial fillers for women and men, generally baby-boomers to look and feel younger. However, when twentysomethings and teenagers begin to dabble into injections it warrants a serious cause for concern.
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