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Dysport_Derma_Blog_May09.jpg Here ye, here ye! A new anti-aging drug has emerged onto the cosmetic dermatology market. According to reports, Dysport the new kid in town will be made available to the public in 60-days. Just last week the FDA reported that such wrinkle-removers were likely to have some form of side effects; however Dysport has been approved with sanctions and safety warnings. Forbes said, "Despite recent FDA warnings that botulinum-based products could spread beyond the injection site and lead to botulism poisoning, nearly 2.5 million Americans had Botox injections in 2008 for cosmetic reasons, *Bloomberg* said. For medical use, Dysport was approved to treat a neck-twisting disorder called cervical dystonia, the news service said." Some industry observers have warned that Botox users are loyal to the brand and safety associated with Allergen's wrinkle-hit Botox. Meaning it may be tough for avid users to switch to a new competitor. However, Dysport makers are hoping to attract a new breed of cosmetic dermatology fans, or simply pose themselves as a more cost-efficient or more reputable brand.
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