Reprimanding Quick Fixes

do-it-yourself_derma_blog_May09.jpg We mentioned recently that the idea of do it yourself Botox and other facial fillers had been gaining popularity in the US and abroad. Many women have fall victim to the dangers associated with do-it-yourself kits. Cosmetic fillers are meant to be applied by professional physicians and clinicians only. Do it yourself kits are recipes for disaster and danger for the person attempting to do it at home. Sky News reported on a case saying, "What began as a lunchtime beauty treatment ended up with general anaesthetic as a surgeon sliced open her lower eyelid to cut away the leaching substance. Four surgeries and several thousand pounds later she is still scarred. Her before and after pictures tell a starkly different story to advertisements for the procedure, and experts say her case highlights the potential dangers of cosmetic fillers. Made of varying substances including hyaluronic acid and collagen extracted from cows, dermal fillers - injected under the surface of the skin to plump it up - are widely used in Hollywood."
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