Rosacea Treatments Advancing

Rosacea_Treatments_Derma_Blog_May09.jpg A new study has emerged onto the cosmetic dermatology market about rosacea and treatments for the skin ailment. The study has been published in University of California, Irvine's Journal of *Drugs in Dermatology*. The study has shown that a topical lotion has found to have positive effects on treating rosacea, a skin problem that is generally treated with oral antibiotics which are said to have long term side effects. PR News Wire said about the study, "The 12-week, open-label study concludes that Pyratine XR(TM) (0.125% furfuryl tetrahydropyranyladenine) improved skin barrier function and the appearance of erythema (redness) and lesions (pustules and papules) associated with mild-to-moderate rosacea during 12 weeks of treatment. According to study data, Pyratine XR(TM) produced a progressive decrease in the symptoms associated with rosacea, with an overall clinical improvement in 80% of subjects, including reduction of redness and lesions." * * Many in the industry including people plagued with redness and rosacea are thrilled at the prospect of the new treatment. The product has and promising results but is still in its preliminary stages of experimentation.
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