Sap for Sunspots

sunspot_treatment_derma_blog_May09.jpg Researchers may have found a sap from a common weed that has the ability to treat sunspots before the damaged skin turns into cancer. Nearly half of all Caucasian adults are said to develop sunspots in their lifetime, many of which may one day turn into skin cancer. Dermatologists are hoping to stifle the progress of damaged skin to cancer while also brining about awareness. The Brisbane Times said, "Brisbane-based pharmaceutical company Peplin says it hopes to have a drug on the US market in two years after its clinical trials confirmed an old wives' tale about the effectiveness of using radium weed to fight skin cancer." Patients in the study had slight redness and irritation, but researchers are optimistic about the prospect of this new treatment. With summer around the corner, raising awareness for prevention and treatment is essential to better skin health.
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