Spring, Summer and Skin Cancer

Summer_Skin_Cancer_Derma_Blog_May09.jpg April brought us showers, May brings flowers and the summer months mean one thing sun damaged skin. As summer lurks around the corner so too do it's harsh UV rays. This summer don't fall victim to burns, blisters and wrinkles caused by the sun. Instead take action in preventing skin cancer. In light of the sunny months ahead Austin based dermatologists are offering free skin cancer screenings. CBS affiliate in Austin said, "When detected early and treated properly, even melanoma, the most serious type of skin cancer is curable. That's why Austin doctors are offering up their free time to help save a life." The screenings held on Saturday May 9th, are hoping to bring awareness not only for the baby-boomer demographic but the twenty and thirty-somethings who are continuously out in the sun and negligent of skincare and skin health. Melanoma is a leading cause of death in the US.
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