Stroke Victims and Botox

upper_limb_spasticity_derma_blog_May09.jpg The FDA has approved Dysport the Botox rival in wrinkle-removal, however the FDA has delayed approving Botox injections for upper limb spasticity. Allergen hopes that Botox-use for non-cosmetic ailments will soon surpass its cosmetic use in profits. However surpassing the $1 billion a year sales in cosmetic use for Botox seems shocking especially as we are in the midst of a downturn. Reuters said, "It is also counting on neurology uses for Botox to help shore up cosmetic sales that have been hit hard by the recession. Allergen said the FDA indicated it must first review the company's proposed Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy for the medicine before approving it for the movement disorder common to stroke sufferers." The FDA has asked Allergen for complete documentation and evidence from its clinical studies for therapeutic use of Botox. If the FDA did approve the use of Botox for spasticity, it would be a huge boost for Allergen, as the recession has adversely affected its cosmetic sales.
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