Botox for Pain

Botox_pain_relief_studies_derma_Blog_June09.jpg Researchers and doctors at UCSF are conducting studies about the use of Botox for pain relief. Traditionally injections are used for wrinkle-removing, however in recent months clinical studies have shown other beneficial uses like alleviating migraine pain and reducing sweating. ABC 7 News reported, "Using the electronic read-out like a GPS, the doctors will place the injection deep into Schoenfeld's neck, allowing the toxin to paralyze the precise area of muscle that is causing it to twist. "Over time, the therapy may be tailored to know exactly how much toxin to inject into the muscle," said Dr. Ostrem. The relief is only temporary and patients do have to return for another round of Botox injections, usually every three months. But, patients like Schoenfeld think it is a small price to pay to regain control of their bodies. " Currently the research team is hoping to investigate the effectiveness of Botox injections for pain. Such cases like Mr. Schoenfeld are of great benefit, as physicians will learn specifically what types of pain may be treated by Botox.
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