Cancer Cream Fights Wrinkles

Cancer_Cream_Derma_blog_june09.jpg A cancer cream that treats pancreatic, colon and other types of cancer is noted for wiping away wrinkles and treating sun damaged skin. The cream is sometimes used for topical pre-cancerous cells on the skin, which is why dermatologists and researchers have found the link. The Press Association reported, "Fluorouracil ointment reduced potentially cancerous skin patches called actinic keratoses. But it also appeared to reverse changes associated with the aging effects of too much sun, including fine and deep wrinkles, dark spots, shadows and sallowness. The number of actinic keratoses lesions was significantly reduced by the treatment, from an average of 11.6 per patient to just 1.5. Clinical evaluations also identified overall improvements in participants' facial appearance." Those examined said they felt a period of redness and inflammation, but quickly thereafter the skin began to rebuild itself and heal properly. The dermatologists are saying that the creams application resembles what laser wrinkle treatments do for wrinkle remover and healing damaged skin.
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